Specialized care to help you breathe easier.

Respiratory problems are among the most common conditions we see at Allergy Asthma Specialists of Florida. When your doctor wants a specialist to evaluate your chronic cough or breathing problem, our providers are ready to help.

We diagnose and treat:

  1. Chronic cough
  2. Bronchitis - inflammation of the airways & lung Rhinitis
  3. Rhinitis - inflammation of the nasal passages especially seasonal rhinitis, or hay fever
  4. Sinusitis – inflammation of the nasal passages – Sinusitis – recurring sinus infections that cause headaches, facial pain, discolored mucus & other unpleasant symptoms

We will perform a thorough review of your medical history and symptoms. Most tests that may be needed to diagnose your condition are available in our private offices. We can evaluate lung function, examine the nasal passages and perform other diagnostic procedures with your comfort and convenience in mind. After your evaluation, your physician will develop a personalized treatment plan, which may include medications and dietary or lifestyle changes. Any recommended treatment will be thoroughly explained to you, and our team will educate you on how to minimize your symptoms so you can breathe easier and enjoy an improved quality of life.

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